Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter M

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter M

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For many parents, choosing a baby's name is a dilemma. Some want to please their relatives by giving a name that maintains the tradition, while others put their personal tastes first. Either way, the name must be chosen with the baby in mind.

To facilitate the task of choosing the name we have arranged popular boy names according to the starting letter. In this case, we have a list of 10 boy names that begin with the letter M where you will surely find the perfect name for your baby.

1. Mario. It is a name of Latin origin that derives from the Roman god of war Mars. It is not the masculine of Mary, as many people believe, but it comes from a totally different mythological tradition. Perhaps because of that mystery it contains, it has achieved great popularity.

2. Mark. Again a name of Latin origin related to Mars, the Roman god of war. Like Mario, Marcos is loaded with historical and mythological evocations, which only reinforces his appeal.

3. Manuel. This name is of Hebrew origin and has a long tradition. He is able to remain immovable in the lists of frequent names because he exudes a special force. Their familiarity inspires great confidence and is also capable of reinforcing the personality of your child.

4. Miguel. Another name of Hebrew origin, as traditional and as familiar as Manuel. Miguel brings energy and vitality, resulting in an essential name for a boy. Its popularity lies in the fact that it has been able to stay original and fresh despite its use.

5. Martin. In this list of popular names with the letter M we find one more of those names of Latin origin generated from the Roman god Mars. This variant, Martín, is especially liked for that elegant and distinguished touch that has accompanied him throughout his career.

6. Matthew. It is a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is very eloquent regarding the arrival of your son. And it is that Mateo is a gift from heaven with a name that can provide an extra originality. Because despite being known since ancient times, it has managed to reinvent itself to accommodate today.

7. Mikel. This variant of Miguel is of Basque origin. Its freshness and originality have made the name transcend its local barriers to become a household name in many parts of the world. It stands out for its simplicity and the personality it brings.

8. Mauritius. This name of Latin origin has a romantic and seductive flavor that cannot be separated from. Although it has been known since ancient times, Mauricio reinvents himself in each generation adding a different touch that keeps him current.

9. Marcelo. We see that a large number of popular names in the letter M come from the Roman god of war. But all of them are different and highly appreciated precisely for that ability they have to renew and be original.

10. Mauro. It is a name of Latin origin with a noble and distinguished flavor. Mauro brings elegance and is surrounded by a calm and seductive air. Without a doubt, a charming name that is ideal to highlight the charismatic personality of your child.

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