Parents who prevent their child from becoming a leader

All parents in the world want the best for their children and unconditional love is the basis of all education and it is necessary for every child to have the possibility of believing in him, in his possibilities and abilities. But educating to be a leader is educating so that the little one is capable in his adult life to be able to direct others and have good decision-making skills with their own criteria.

There are many boys and girls who are born with the innate ability to be leaders and that can be seen in nursery schools, but as the years go by, these capacities are lost to the point that they even disappear. Why is this happening? Why does a child who went to be a leader lose that ability? The answer is at home.

Since children are born, parents have the need (and obligation) to protect children and to provide them with everything they need so that they can develop fully both physically, emotionally and mentally. But sometimes this desire for protection ends in occasions when children are spoiled because of some mistakes that parents make.

But what are the parenting behaviors that affect their children the most? There are some fundamental behaviors that will prevent a child from becoming a leader:

1. Protect excessively: Parents who overprotect their children so that they do not face anything that may cause them some type of negative feeling will make the child end up feeling insecure towards himself and will depend on others to feel good.

If parents do not allow children to solve their problems (something essential for every leader) they will never have the ability to have a promising future because they will be unable to do anything. It is not the same to solve things for the children than to accompany them in the process so that they make the right decisions.

2. Too much praise: When a child is applauded in his first years of life because he begins to have his first achievements, this is fine. But when the child begins to grow and is still applauded with everything he does, whether he is 5 or 15 years old, things can change. A child who is told that everything he does is fine, knowing that this is not true, can generate two things in the child that are not good for any leader: feeling of arrogance (I do everything well because I'm better than the rest) or quite the opposite, feeling of defeat (I know that what I'm doing is not right and others feel sorry for me).

3. Beware of prizes: The same thing happens with the awards, because praising a deserved effort will always be good but rewarding whatever the child does is totally detrimental to education. If since they are children they are rewarded without doing anything, when they grow up and have to make efforts in their unconscious it will have been saved that it is not worth it because they do not need to make an effort to get what they want, since it will be others who provide it.

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