The why of children. Why the water

The why of children. Why the water

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The children's questions they are usually quite ingenious as well as simple. But for that very reason, responding can be an impossible mission for parents. And it is that all the doubts that a child can raise, an adult would not even cross his mind.

In Guiainfantil We help you learn a little more about the most common questions that children usually ask themselves on the water. With these simple answers you can explain to your children the existence of such everyday phenomena as rain or rainbows.

The rain, the sea, the springs, the waterfalls, the groundwater ... Water generates many doubts in children. Here are some of the questions they can ask you about it:

1. Why is sea water salty?
Sea water is salty due to all the minerals that reach it washed away by rivers from the surface of the earth. The rivers dissolve the minerals embedded in the rocks until they flow into the sea where the most abundant mineral is Sodium Chloride, that is, salt.

2. Why does the rain make the rainbow?
Everything is due to the principle of Descartes based on the phenomena of refraction and reflection experienced by a ray of light when passing through water. For us to see the rainbow, two elements are needed: raindrops and solar rays, hence we always see the rainbow on rainy days when the sun appears, since it is a phenomenon that occurs when the sun's rays pass through the raindrops.

3. Why do our fingers wrinkle in the water?
This curious phenomenon bears a certain resemblance to tire grooves. It is about the adaptabildiad of the human being to the environment, that is, the skin of the hands and feet adapts to be able to grasp submerged objects more easily. The same thing happens with car tires. The drawn grooves give them more grip when the road is wet.

4. Why is sea water blue?
There is a wrong theory that says that sea water is blue because it reflects the sky, but this is not true. Sunlight is made up of many colors, and water is not entirely transparent. Due to its composition, the water absorbs the warm colors of sunlight (red, yellow and orange), letting the green and blue colors bounce, which are what we see reflected.

5. Why do boats float on water?
Although it may seem incredible that a boat can float on water, this is because there is a force called 'thrust' that prevents the boat, despite its tons of weight, from sinking. This pushing force was discovered by Achimedes, who came to the conclusion that every body immersed in a fluid suffers an upward force equal to the volume of water it occupies.

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