Children's movies about siblings

Children's movies about siblings

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Children's movies of brothers and sisters


Remake of the classic "You to Boston and I to California", this time Lindsay Lohan plays two twins they are not known, since they were separated when they were little by the separation of their parents. When they meet again at a camp, they start a plan to get their parents back together.

The Von Trapp family is made up of seven brothers and sisters and a strict father, who loves them but knows how to show it to them. Thanks to the help of the novice Maria, they will discover what it feels like to be a united family and they will learn to enjoy together through music.

The popular actress Selena Gomez plays Beatrice 'Beezus' Quimby in this film, who has to live with her little sister Ramona, who always seems to interrupt her at the worst moment. However, the creativity and the imaginations of the two sisters will unite when it comes to helping their father.

Wendy was a girl who did not want to grow up, so she did not hesitate to leave with Peter Pan to Neverland. She is accompanied on this adventure by her brothers, John and Michael. Soon Wendy realizes that she must grow and mature, taking care of her siblings and the Lost Boys.

A classic adventure movie, it tells the story of Mikey and Brad Walsh, two brothers who are part of a group of friends called "the Goonies." One day they discover a treasure map that could help their father financially and embark on a crazy pirate and gangster adventure that will test their friendship.

Gru wants to be the greatest villain in the world, and for this he recruits three orphans from an orphanage, named Margo, Edith and Agnes. Although at first he only thinks of his evil plan, he will find that the three girls give him something he had never dreamed of: the possibility of forming a family.

Alyssa is a rich girl, she has everything she wants, except a mother. While going camping he will meet Amanda, an orphan who wants to be adopted by a single woman, who is not given custody. Upon discovering that they are identical, they exchange to make Alyssa's father and Amanda's future mother fall in love and start a family.

Tom and Kate Baker are the parents of no less than twelve children. When the father receives a job offer, they must move to a new home and learn to live in a city. With twelve children at home, the shenanigans and adventures multiply, but also the solidarity and the love that brothers have.

Anna and Elsa are princesses and they love to play together. One day Elsa, who has powers, accidentally throws ice at her sister, and decides to lock herself up so as not to hurt her anymore. When her powers are discovered, she flees leaving the frozen kingdom, but Anna will not give up until she finds her sister and shows her that she is still trusting her whatever happens.

The Disney film Brother Bear tells the story of three hunting brothers. The youngest, Kenai, hates bears, but his totem is precisely a bear. To find himself he is turned into a bear, and must start a journey with Koda the bear cub and learn what it is to love a brother really.

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