Mothers WhatsApp groups. Advantages and disadvantages

In recent years, WhatsApp groups of mothers.If you have school-age children and a mobile with an Internet connection, it is very likely that you are in one or more groups.

Initially these groups were created with the healthy idea of ​​being aware of the daily duties of the children, of the dates of the exams or the place of celebration of the birthday of some boy of the class. However, little by little many of these groups have become toxic environments in which criticizing and fighting seems commonplace.

I am part of one, but I have friends and acquaintances who have: the class, the extracurricular activities, the urbanization ... And this for each of their children.

In his day when the WhatsApp mothers group to which I belong was created, it seemed like an advance, my oldest son tells very little about school and this allowed me to know well what they had been asked in an exam, if he had taken the notes well to study at home or what pages had to be done for homework. However, as time goes by, I find it less useful. I think that in the end we mothers become secretaries of our children, who should take responsibility for their own tasks, because this is itself also a curricular teaching.

In addition, in many schools they already have an agenda where the teacher makes them write down what day they have an exam, if they have to read at home, dictate or practice addition and subtraction. With the passage of time, many WhatsApp groups of mothers (not mine I have to confess, which is very democratic and education is a maxim) become:

- a forum where you can criticize the teacher and gossip about their methods.

- a place to put jokes and funny videos, thus losing the original meaning with which it was created.

- a space where parents blame the quarrels their children have.

- a somewhat macho environment, where it is rare that there is a father.

Nevertheless, the school WhatsApp group can also be positive, used without excess and only for really important topics:

- clarify what they have to take on an excursion (clothes, food ...)

- If the child has missed class, to be able to advance homework so that they do not accumulate.

In any case, I think we should not become our children's agendaThey have to take responsibility for their tasks and, if this means that one day they have not done their homework, it will be a lesson that will help them not to happen again.

And you, do you have a WhatsApp group for mothers? Do you think it is useful?

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