Musical activity to improve the bond between parents and children

Musical activity to improve the bond between parents and children

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Performing musical activities with your son or daughter is a unique experience. In addition to having fun with your little one, it strengthens the parent-child bond, providing many benefits and sharing a common musical learning activity for both of you.

Childhood is a fundamental part of human development. It is the ideal time to offer our children all the stimuli we can to exercise their brain and its possibilities in the future. A very important vehicle for them is music.

Any activity that is related to music is more attractive and accessible for children. The father or mother is of primary importance in this process.

When a mother or father sings a lullaby, song, melody, dances ... or puts music to some everyday moment, it conveys feelings of love, care, respect, tranquility, security ...It is a moment of intimate communication that is fixed in the memory of the child and brings innumerable benefits to its development. How can we do it?

- Through a popular song, in this case "La ant", we sit on the ground, placing the little one between our legs and pretending that we are doing an affectionate massage thinking that we are a little ant.

- We sing the song making the little fingers go up and down the child's back and exchange roles.

- We learn the meaning of the letter and we get into the character, playing with them.

- In chorus moments, we will perform massages and beat our backs to the musical rhythm.

The predisposition of parents to carry out these types of activities is very important, they must be enthusiastic and fun and try to capture the positive energy that includes the massage, the moment of the song and the action.

The children will laugh, sing and share a very special moment with their parents, who in addition to having fun, will learn together to sing melodies and will be part of their memories. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than pampering, hugging and kissing our children ...

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