The first time the child sleeps away from home

A mother tells us that the first time her son went to sleep at a friend's house, that is, far from his family "nest", it became a real nightmare for her. She hasn't 'slept' all night. She was unable to sleep because it was the first time her son was going to sleep away from home. One night without her son at home seemed like an eternity. The child, on the other hand, enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun, while his mother only counted the hours for the little one to return home.

I think that in most cases, the ones who have the worst time when children sleep outside the home are the parents. For the little ones, everything is new. No need to show how attractive it is for them to sleep at a friend's house. In fact, one of my great childhood memories was when the daughter of a friend of my mother came to sleep at my house during the holidays. We loved telling stories, making pillow fights ... At my house and with our daughter, we always tried to balance. If my daughter goes to sleep at a friend's house, the next time this friend will sleep at our house. So we get to know our little girl's friends better.

Apart from the good thing about sleeping outside the home, it is a very good opportunity for children to develop new skills towards their own autonomy. That they get used to doing for themselves what they are reasonably capable of doing, according to their age, such as eating everything, dressing and showering alone, taking care of their clothes, etc. Also, it is a good opportunity to develop their social skills, especially if they are shy. The place where your child is going to sleep may not be as comfortable and comfortable as his room for you, but that will be the least for him.

If your child asks you to sleep at a friend's house, it is very important that you make sure of a few things:

- That you know with a high degree of security the family of your child's friend.

- That both the environment and the education that is breathed in this family is in accordance with the ideas of your home.

- That your child is prepared to live with other people who are not family. That is, that he knows how to defend himself, that he is not afraid of the dark, that he does not pee in bed or that he knows how to behave well when it comes to education.

If your child asks you to go to a camp, it is also necessary to know:

- Where and under what circumstances will they sleep.

- What activities will they develop in the camp.

- If there is a laundry service, doctors, adequate menus, security, etc.

In general, the camps send complete information regarding these questions.

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