A diagnosis of autism in just fifteen minutes

A diagnosis of autism in just fifteen minutes

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The diagnosis of autism, which until now was only achieved through a series of tests that was done to verify certain patterns of child's behavior, a process that could take a whole day and require a full team of experts, can now be accomplished in just fifteen minutes, via a brain scan.

A group of specialists from King's College London Institute of Psychiatry has been responsible for this great scientific discovery. They devised a technique to detect autism in a way that is much faster, more reliable and cheaper than the conventional methods used today. Although the price of a brain scan test ranges from 120 to 240 euros, for now this method is being used additionally. Over time it is expected that this new technique will totally replace conventional methods.

Autism is a developmental syndrome that affects communication between people. It usually appears during the first three years of a child's life, as a result of a neurological disorder. In this new system, the images captured by the scanner are reconstructed in 3D and transferred to a computer for the identification of small brain changes.

Expert preset colors are key. Some control behavior, while others recognize speech and vision. Subtle changes in the shape and thickness of these colors make a difference, and determine whether or not the patient is autistic.

Experts warn that many more tests and studies will be necessary before this new autism diagnostic system is available in bulk. So far, the system was able to identify small but important signs of autism in a sample of 40 people, with 90 percent accuracy. Experts agree that the earlier autism is diagnosed, the better care and control the patient can have, apart from the fact that they can be better understood and assisted.

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