Let's think in the corner !: a lesson for children

Let's think in the corner !: a lesson for children

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The corner, also called 'time out', is one of the most used reprimands in schools. Now parents have made a homemade copy of this system and more and more of us use this punishment. Do you also apply it at home?

It consists of asking the child to go somewhere to spend a little time in solitude, such as a corner of the classroom, bedroom or living room, or to sit in a chair with the intention of 'thinking' if what he has done is it right or wrong and why. It seemed like a great idea to me and I admit that I am applying it with my children before speaking with them. Once they have reflected on their own, they are better able to acknowledge their mistake. And making them understand that their behavior should not be repeated is easier.

But, Does it really work? Can a young child regret what he has done? Well, as the saying goes, man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone and, for this reason, perhaps not the first time, or the second time, but eventually children learn that there are certain attitudes and behaviors that are not okay and cannot be repeated.

Educators believe that yes, it works, because children assimilate the message that the rules must be followed to promote good social coexistence and that they must be obeyed. However, it all depends on the character of the child and the patience of adults.

The truth is that with some stubborn children, who insist on being right and putting the whole matter in question, it is more difficult. The important thing is to apply it firmly and serenity at the same time, without shouting and, of course, without getting excited so that the child can analyze the situation from a serene perspective, because at that moment, with the disgust of punishment, he already has enough.

And also, be careful not to take him to another place where he may be afraid, there is no light or he may be left alone with the door closed. In this way you will not be able to 'think', but to enter a state of panic, which will surely paralyze you and we will not achieve the desired objective. In young children of three or four years, it is enough that they are in the corner for three or four minutes, no more.

In general, the recommendation is one minute per year of life. Once the time has passed, always speak with your child lovingly and firmly. Let him know that you trust that he has learned his lesson and that he will do his best to improve next time. Strengthening your self-esteem and learning from your own mistakes is the most beneficial thing to spend a little time in the corner.

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