Cristiano Ronaldo defends a child from teasing

Cristiano Ronaldo defends a child from teasing

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Cristiano RonaldoDespite the bad reputation that haunts him, he never ceases to surprise us with gestures like this: during a publicity event, a Japanese boy asked him a question. The little boy wanted to address him in Portuguese, the player's language, without a translator. Every time the child 'stumbled over the words', the audience laughed. What did the player do? Ask them, Why are you laughing?

Without respect, without tolerance, there is no possible coexistence. They are basic values, as is empathy, that ability to 'get under the skin of the other' and value what they feel.

The Portuguese footballer set an example for everyone and reminded them of these values. The little boy, Ryota, tried to address the player in Portuguese. And the question he asked was very important to him: 'My dream is to become a soccer player and have the pleasure of playing with you one day,' he said. 'What do I have to do to reach that goal?

The public began to laugh every time the little one got stuck with the language. Ronaldo, annoyed and astonished with the reaction of the public, addressed the presenter of the event asking: 'But ... why are they laughing? Why? He speaks Portuguese well, very well. They should be happy because he is trying hard. '

A great lesson, without a doubt, to remember that we must always value the efforts of others. No matter if you stumble, if you lose, if you do not achieve what you set out to do. Effort, a value without which nothing is ever achieved. The true engine of success.

After the footballer's reaction, everyone burst into an ovation. At last they realized the mistake they had made.

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