Funny glasses with glass of yogurt. Recycling crafts

Funny glasses with glass of yogurt. Recycling crafts

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Any everyday object can become a toy for children, they use their imagination to recreate games and dress up as their favorite characters, as they can with these fun glasses with a glass of yogurt.

Recycling crafts are very interesting for children, who can learn important values ​​such as respect for the environment in a playful and original way, with manual works for children like these glasses.

  • A container of yogurt or petit suisse
  • Black card
  • Stickers
  • Purpurin
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue

Tips: If the yogurt glass is white, you can paint it the color you prefer with acrylic paint.

1. On a black card, draw the pieces of the glasses adapted to the size of the children. Draw two rectangles, joined at the center, with rounded squares and an empty interior, for the 'lenses' of the glasses, and the legs of the glasses.

2. Decorate the glasses as you like, with stickers and glitter. You can also use paint or whatever you like best.

3. Wash the yogurt container well and dry it. Make two holes on the sides to be able to breathe, with the help of scissors.

4. Put glue on the edge of the yogurt and stick it in the center of the glasses, between the two rectangles.

5. Check the length of the temples (if not correct, trim them a bit). Glue the temples to the sides of the glasses with a little glue, don't forget to leave some small tabs to be able to stick them without problems. You can also use a rubber band in place of the sideburns.

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