Toys do not define children's sexual orientation

Toys do not define children's sexual orientation

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These days, while I was waiting for my daughter in a shopping center, I have seen a scene that has caught my attention. A boy, about 5 years old, pointed to a store window at the toys he liked, and his mother pretended not to know what the boy was saying. The boy kept pointing at the dolls, chairs, bathtubs, kitchens ... until his mother, somewhat angry, told him: 'son, you can't play with that, they are girls' toys, and you are a boy'.

I am sure that at some point parents have hesitated to give our child a toy that is predetermined for children of the other sex. The same goes for colors. For example, my daughter was only given pink clothes, bows ... while I was looking to buy her little things of all colors. I also remember that one of his friends liked to play dolls. Whenever she went to kindergarten or kindergarten, she carried her doll in the cart.

In an interview with Guiainfantil, Maite Francés, head of studies at the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, tells us very clearly that toys do not have and should not have sex. She says it is not good to make distinctions. ‘You cannot attribute a gender to a toy. It is true that some studies indicate that there are certain biological differences that show that there are girls who tend towards a more leisurely type of toy and that it has more to do with maternal roles, but that does not mean that there cannot be children who like to play with dolls and girls who love to play with trucks… it is perfectly understandable and normal. Sexism is not in the toys, but it is in the intentionality and the use made of a toy.

Toys do not mark the sexual future of children, and therefore we should not label them. It depends a lot on the interpretation that parents make of the kitchens, the dishes ... that our children play, or the football that our girls may like. We must respect the choices of our children naturally and respectfully, without transmitting our fears and apprehensions.

Our children, in the future, will not have a sexual orientation, a trade or profession that is determined by the toys of their preference in childhood. Whatever they are, when they grow up, it will be a function of the education they have received and many other factors, but they will never cease to be our children. We have to break with many prejudices that society fixes. How can we force our children to have a toy that they do not like?

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