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When the child wants to eat all the time

When the child wants to eat all the time

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Whenever we talk about children having problems with food, we think of those situations where the little ones do not want to eat. On the contrary, there are other cases in which children seem to be eating all the time and are continually hungry. On our site we tell you What to do if your child has food cravings and constant hunger.

Children are born with an innate sense of how much they need to eat. It is normal that when they are babies they ask for the breast every so often since they do not have a regular schedule to eat like adults. Another reason why the child increases the time of taking is that is going through a growth stage. These periods are called "frequency days." And they usually appear at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months or 6 months.

The extra time spent on the breast ensures the nutrients to meet your needs during these phases. It is possible that the increase in intake is due to the appearance of a disease. By breastfeeding more often, the baby receives more antibodies and immunity during the time spent at the breast.

In addition, there may be other reasons why the frequency in which they demand breast of a psychological nature increases, such as: changes in family life such as a house move, vacation period, being separated more than usual from the baby.

In general, changes in routine or new stages in its development can be the cause of the increased demand on the breast for comfort.

When children grow up and begin to demand independence, it is important that they get used to regular meal times. The lack of routine confuses the little ones, and it is probable that the child eats without stopping because unconsciously he does not know when the next meal is due since he lacks these schedules.

It is important that the child eats 5 meals a day, these being: breakfast, 'mid-morning', lunch, snack and dinner. In this way, your stomach gets used to it and food is better digested. Another cause may be due to anxiety. It must be borne in mind that the child who eats a lot does so because he throws his craving for food.

- Do not force the child
Making children eat when they don't want to is not a good idea. Teaching the child to ignore his signs of 'being full' can lead to problems with eating. For example, think that if you force the child to eat everything you put on the plate to eat, he will not ask for the snack later.

- Healthy choices
The fat percentage should be 30 percent less than the total calories. Offer more nutritional options on a regular basis.

- Be signed with meal times
If the child uses the phrase 'I'm hungry', to delay obligations you have to be firm in the limits and rules imposed.

- Listen and pay attention to the child
If he uses food for psychological reasons, he probably needs your attention.

- When it is due to anxiety
When the child wants to eat all the time, it is likely to see parents who try to stop the child by saying: 'do not eat so much, you are very fat'. This attitude can create more anxiety for the child. The more anxious the child is, the more he wants to eat and it becomes a vicious cycle. Therefore, it is important to know that this will hurt you more and that you need other ways to tackle the problem such as sport. Starting with an individual character (if the child has physical fitness problems), and when their physical condition improves, move on to a collective sport.

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