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Bisagra Generation: challenges and responsibilities of current parents

Bisagra Generation: challenges and responsibilities of current parents

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Hinge Generation: it is said of the parents and / or mothers who take responsibility for the knowledge and experiences that they want to transmit to their children, because they have become aware of their belief system and have decided to update it to their reality and current moment.

What does this mean? That the way in which we were educated necessarily influences the way in which we are educating our children, although we must take into account all the tools that we currently have. As a result, today's parents are presented with some challenges and responsibilities to which we must face. We take a closer look at the hinge generation concept.

We treat ourselves as our parents once treated us. We punish ourselves the same way our parents punished us. Also, we love and encourage each other in the same wayIf when we were little our parents did it. "This is your fault" or "You are [email protected], I love you" ... How many times do you say these words to yourself? Who has taught you to tell them?

We must always remember that our parents taught us what they knew, and what they did not know. And it is that, for example, if they did not know how to love each other, it is impossible that they will teach you to do it.

Therefore, it is important listen to our parents and take into account how they were cared for and loved as children; because they were also apprentices of parents who didn't know how to do better either. So we will know where our fears, our rigidities and our way of loving ourselves come from. And so we go, from generation to generation ...

As small, our parents build us the belief system in which we believe and with which we grow. When we are adults, we create experiences that confirm that system through what we think. Therefore, it is important that you take care of your thoughts and the things that you say to yourself and others, because this way you will be creating your reality and your future.

However, it is not our past, with those beliefs or experiences, that really matters, but our present. What do I decide to do at this moment with what they have told me that I was? Your moment of power is now, because you will create your future on your current thoughts. And above all, and more importantly, because you you have the responsibility to fill in your child's belief system on which he will create his present reality and his future.

Therefore, I like to think that I am part of what I call the HINGE GENERATION, since we are the generation that knowing the circumstances of our parents, and having the new tools and current theories that we have at our disposal, we must improve so that our children grow and develop a belief system better than the one we received.

Whether you know, or if you do not want to take responsibility for what you know, you are passing on learning to your child. You decide how to do it, you decide how to face challenges and responsibilities: following in the footsteps of your parents and previous generations, or taking advantage to change what you did not like And it does not work for you, so that your child does not live the same as you.

Are you also from the hinge generation?

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