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A different breakfast for each day

A different breakfast for each day

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Although nutritionists and good eating regulations keep repeating that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many of us do not give it the least importance. The alarm clock rings and between the shower, dressing and rushing, we always end up having the same breakfast.

The bad thing about not having breakfast as we should is that our children end up following our rhythm. The child who starts his day without having breakfast will not have enough energy to face all the activities that he will carry out, in extracurricular activities, in sports, games, etc. And although the importance of breakfast is widely discussed, there are still parents who wonder why this meal is so important.

Do you think that after about ten hours of sleep, your child will not feel hungry? Of course. All children need to eat in the morning. A good breakfast is not made by drinking only a glass of milk, it must be varied and include milk, yogurt, cheese or curd; cereals or other carbohydrates; and fruits.

In just 10 minutes, children will be able to have a complete and healthy breakfast. Dairy products will provide energy and protein, cereals and bread provide the carbohydrates needed to withstand the morning pull, and fruit contains vitamins and mineral salts, and is also a great source of fiber for children. The time it takes to eat breakfast is achieved with good planning.

Thinking about it, we propose a breakfast suggestion for each day of the week:

- Monday. A glass of milk, a toast of bread with oil and tomato, an orange juice

- Tuesday. A natural yogurt with cereals and a banana

- Wednesday.A glass of milk with cocoa, a toast with butter or jam or a pear

- Thursday. A smoothie with a glass of skim milk, half a banana, half an apple, 4 Maria cookies, a handful of walnuts and honey

- Friday. A bowl with chopped fruits: apple, orange, banana, pear ... A yogurt and a muffin

- Saturday. Bread with cheese. A glass of milk and a couple of tablespoons of cereal

- Sunday. A glass of milk, churros and a piece of fruit.

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