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Who wakes up earlier because of their baby's cry

Who wakes up earlier because of their baby's cry

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I have ever wondered why when my children cry at night, I always wake up before my husband. Even though my sleep is deep, when I hear them cry, all my wake-up and bed-jumping mechanisms kick in. Could it be that he doesn't hear them?

Seems that if. The answer to this riddle that many women complain about, when we see our partners astonished sleeping or continue sleeping as if nothing had happened when our baby cries, is on the threshold of sensory perception.

According to some studies, the stimuli by which we wake up at night are different between men and women. While we jump out of bed sooner because of a crying baby than anything else, what can really wake a man is the sound of a car alarm.

Thus, the most annoying sounds for women are the crying of a child, the dripping of a tap, a party in the street, snoring, a fly, a jackhammer, an ambulance siren, a car alarm, the sound of strong wind and a pipe noise, in that order.

In contrast, the cry of a baby is not annoying for men because it does not even appear as an uncomfortable noise in the top ten. According to the study, to wake a man from his placid night sleep requires the sound of a car alarm, a strong wind, a fly, snoring, the noise of pipes, the chirping of crickets, the siren of an ambulance , the chimes of a clock, the pneumatic hammer of an operator working or the dripping of a tap before the cry of your child.

It is surprising to me that the chirping of crickets or the buzzing of a fly is capable of pulling someone out of their sleep before the cry of a baby. The truth is that many do not realize that their baby has woken up crying and that they sleep next to it.

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